Dušan Radić

is a therapist, a certified Spiritual Technology and PEAT Method Trainer, as well as long-time student of Živorad M. Slavinski. Dušan offers sessions - Processings for solving client`s problems as well as training and workshops of PEAT methods, both online and live, for individuals or groups. PEAT methods are methods developed by Mr. Živorad M. Slavinski, a great thinker and innovator in the field of human consciousness. His work in this field has lasted more than 60 years and includes many methods and techniques for solving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual problems. As Mr Živorad himself says, the methods have changed and improved over time, they work quickеr, more precise and efficient, as well as the development of technology, medicine, cultural exchange and alternative science. As everything is constantly changing and improving, today we have a whole range of advanced methods which are very fast, efficient, cheap and very safe. The old Chinese proverb says "Everything changes, only the change is permanent’’, that is one of the main axioms of spiritual development and PEAT methodology. As spiritual development is nothing more than removing the charge or negative energy from our experiences, PEAT methods in the terms of speed and efficiency of removing the negative, emotional  energy charge have no bearing on our planet at the moment!

With PEAT methods we can solve various problems in 15-30 minutes such as:

  • Worry,
  • Anxiety,
  • Panic and anger attacks,
  • Compulsion,
  • Obsessions,
  • Sorrow,
  • Some physical pains and disorders
Severe phobias such as:
  • Fear of flying
  • Spiders,
  • Snakes,
  • Needles,
  • Elevators,
  • Public appearances to unknown people
  • How to remove the most severe traumas of life,
  • Lack of self-confidence and self-respect
  • Shyness
  • Constant postponing of obligations and activities
  • Problems with learning and studying
  • Withdrawal from people
  • Aggression towards them
Such success enables an objective approach to human consciousness so the methods of surgical precision directly enter into the problem and make the person conscious of it. As the well-known Italian psychologist R. Asadjoli said: "At lower levels of consciousness, there is no solution, at the higher levels of consciousness, there are no problems". This is the main goal of the PEAT method - raising man's awareness to a higher level, the level above the cause of the problem. In this way, the structure of the problem itself breaks down and disappears from existence. PEAT methodology has much wider application than solving individual problems. It offers the possibility for a much complex work on oneself:
  • Find out the "Personal Codes" which represent the main polarities of our Unconscious life game (Deep peat),
  • Solving deep-rooted trauma (Trauma method),
  • Work on partner and family relations  (Deep peat, DP4),
  • Work on addiction diseases, as well (Deep peat, DP4),
  • Work with aspects, ‘small I’’ and entities  (Aspectics),
  • Work on achieving GOALS  (Transcedent);
  • Work on creating desirable lines of personality and identity  (DP4),
  • Touch of Emptiness (Sunyata) and more ...
All of the methods can be applied to ourselves and to others, so methods have a double value. On this site you will find basic information about methods and about the possibilities for their learning and practice. We will repeat, PEAT methodology offers the opportunity for work and progress in the field of own consciousness and life. And such work we call self-processing, as well as the possibility of working with other people (friends, family...), but also for professional therapeutic work.

Dušan Radić


Živorad M. Slavinski and Dušan Radić


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