Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski

is the founder of PEAT methodology. He is a pioneer of Serbian modern psychology and, above all, a therapist and a scholar of world calibre. PEAT systems today are widely applied in Russia, China, Egypt, America, Canada, Sweden, Norway ... Živorad’s approach to a man is very serious and complex while, on the other hand, very simple and practical.

Providing most of the existing psychological disciplines and methods after long search and cooperation with the greatest psychologists, therapists and experts in this field, Živorad, after many years of diligent work, began to create his own methods based on the great knowledge he gained.

Živorad created more than 40 methods. His unbelievable width and access classify him among worldly, unique thinkers and therapists, and his work surely will be understood in the coming years. Although his scientific, therapeutic Work is multiyear, very broad, extensive and demanding, one of the axioms he often repeats is that: ,,The closest thing to the truth is simplicity"., which tells us that simplicity and being practical are the basic principles of his work and his methods. That makes PEAT method complex, but also very simple, scientific-theoretical but also very practical. On the other hand, this is the path from division, duality and contradiction to the state of Oneness, Selfness and Balance.

Živorad lives in Belgrade (Serbia) and he still actively works in this field.

Živorad M. Slavinski and Dušan Radić


“Simplicity is closest to the truth” Z.M.Slavinski