DEEP PEAT is the method of Živorad M. Slavinski. This method is one of the holders of PEAT methodology and its goal is to solve emotional, psychological and spiritual problems of clients.


Transcedent system has two directions.The first direction is the discretion of unfavourable states (problems) and experiences, while the other creates the desired lines of personality, identity, and achievement of desired GOALS.


Aspectics is the revolutionary system of Ž. M.Slavinski. It is a very simple and effective system for eliminating unwanted emotional and psychological conditions.

Trauma method

The Finger method within a few minutes removes the most traumatic trauma in a very simple and safe way.


DP4 is a method which removes strong phobias, discomfort in front of unknown people, inability to freely express our opinion.


Sunyata shows the path of awareness and gives a practical experience as it actually looks. Any new Sunyata session works for practitioners differently, opening up new insights and a new understanding.

“Our goal is to become One, to have one, uniquely permament I” P.D.Uspenski