Aspectics is the revolutionary system of Ž. M.Slavinski. It is a very simple and effective system for eliminating unwanted emotional and psychological conditions. Тhe Aspectis reveals the chain structure of the unconscious contents behind each problem and opening up level by level comes to the ultimate goal, which is the entry into the SELF. Aspektics enables cleaning the negative states and reactions, the rapid integration of the personality, increases the quality of life as well as the psychological and spiritual development of man.

The Aspectics works with aspects of the personality. We see them as the separate parts of consciousness and we perceive them as negative ones. By making contact with them and by making them conscious, we realize that our negative parts, our small I or aspects actually want to push us into high positive states and emotions. Aspektics proves that man, consciously and unconsciously, actually wants to go towards UNITY and that it is the deepest need of human beings. Although it starts with the problem, Aspectics quickly opens the door of Self and man enters in Sunyata, Emptiness, Tao.

With Aspectics we pump out the negative emotional charge to the end and this is certainly a great value of aspects. In that way we act therapeutically, both psychologically and physically.

Aspectics is:

  • Fast,
  • Easy to use and learn,
  • Applicable to yourself and others,
  • Fully reliable and safe,
  • Possible for processing and training online, individually or in group (Skype, Viber ...)


With Aspectics:

  • We can solve every psychological and emotional problem,
  • Integrate negative Aspects (small I),
  • Empty the negative energy charge,
  • The field of application of Aspectics is unlimited.

What do you get if you go through the Aspectics course?

  • You become an Aspectics processor,
  • You will learn how to solve your problems quickly and effectively,
  • You will receive a material (guidebook) how to properly perform the method after the course,
  • The ability to process both yourself and others (friends, family ...),
  • The possibility of deep integration of one's own personality,
  • The possibility of professional Work as well as many more ...

There are no pre-requisites to learn the Aspectics.

The course is very practical; the method can be learned in one day.

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“’Overcome your fears because each of them is a hidden desire” G.Gurdjijev