DEEP PEAT is the method of Živorad M. Slaviski. This method is one of the holders of PEAT methodology and its goal is to solve emotional, psychological and spiritual problems of clients. The practitioner who implements this method goes step by step through the unconscious chain of contents that constitute the problem.

Why is DEEP PEAT so specific and why is so important in the PEAT family is actually the moment of the last level on the problem chain. The last level of problem (or observed from reverse direction – the very beginning of the problem) is in the first pair of polarity which creates the basic unconscious game (problem) of each individual. What is important to understand is that the world is dual. It is based on duality, but it can hardly be percept today as such. A man is driven mostly by one force through his life, falling under the influence of it or it’s opposite extreme, never realizing they are actually ONE whole. This game is, of course, unconscious and compulsive. However, at the moment of enlightening of the first pair of polarity, you will renew your stage of life. This couple is called "Personal Codes". This means that from then to the future man is released from the forced unconscious play and the movement from polarity to polarity. He becomes free from them with the ability to go to one or another polarity, according to his own will.

Živorad himself explains it like this:

"The most important thing is that during Processing you will be able to discover and neutralize your Primordial Codes or, how we call them, Other Personal Codes. Neutralizing Personal Codes rescues your fundamental life problem forever. You cannot avoid this even if you want it. This procedure frees every human being from the deadly affliction of duality. At the moment when you discover the Personal Code, the neutralization of the opposites happens. You begin to see one personal code in another, even though they represented a complete contrast for you. You become ONE with yourself and the Cosmos. ''

Polarization itself solves every (initial) problem so that all negative charge of energy between the polarities pumps out. The practitioner feels great relief and energy recovery, which certainly speaks of the great therapeutic value of this method.


Deep PEAT is:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Totally sure
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Applicable to yourself and others
  • Possibility for processing and training online, individually or in group (Skype, Viber ..)

With Deep PEAT:

  • We solve every emotional and psychological (initial) problem
  • We discover and make conscience the Personal Code
  • Empty the negative emotional charge between the polarity
  • Entering the state of unity and pure consciousness
  • Deep PEAT field of application is unlimited (work on development, addiction diseases, familial therapy ...)

What do you get if you go through a Deep PEAT course?

  • You become a DP processor
  • You will learn how to solve your problems quickly and effectively
  • You will receive a material (guidebook) how to perform the method after the course properly
  • The ability to process both yourself and others (friends, family ...)
  • Possibility for deep integration of one's own personality
  • The possibility of a professional Work

There are no pre-requisites to teach Deep PEAT.

The course is very practical, the method is taught within two days.

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“We were saying how important it is to bring about in human mind the radical Revolution. The crisis is the crisis in consciousness of human being ” J.Krishnamurti