DP4 is a method developed by Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski.

DP4 is a method of psychological and spiritual development with a very wide application.

From the beginning of time to this day, there is no thinker who had found in human experience, from the lowest to the most supreme, nothing but the 4 elements that make up it: Psychic images, thoughts, emotions and body sensations. With The DP4 elements (Thoughts, images, emotions and body sensations) which make a certain problem, become aware and polarized, and the problem, like all its elements, disappears in the minutes.

The DP4 method has fantastic possibilities for application in many areas. Once mastered, we can later apply it in almost all segments of life. Removing problems such as strong phobias, discomfort in front of unknown people, inability to express our opinions freely, inability to complete the initiated activities, postponing tasks and many others to be resolved quickly and permanently.

DP4 is a method which operates with two opposing polarities and integrates them into ONE whole, thereby pumping out a negative energy charge and revitalizing energy. The advantage of DP4 in relation to other methods is that in DP4 we can choose which polarities we want to integrate. This possibility opens the broad field of application of this method; Work with undesirable and desirable identities, Work on the integration of shadow; Work on creation of desirable line of personality and many more.

The work on creating desirable lines of personality and identity is called Spiritual Engineering, and this is an additional, very valuable area where we can apply DP4.

DP4 improves the quality of your life, easy for everyday use on yourself and others and extremely flexible.

DP4 is:

  • Fast and efficient,
  • Very practical and easy to learn and use,
  • Applicable to yourself and others,
  • One of the rarest methods in which you have freedom of integrating the polarities (extremes) that you want,
  • Possibility of processing and training online, individually or in group (Skype, Viber ..).


With DP4:

  • We can solve every psychological and spiritual problem,
  • We get the possibility to integrate selected polarities and create desirable lines of personality and identity,
  • Empty the negative energy charge,
  • The field of application of DP4 is very wide because DP4 is base for many other PEAT methods.

What do you get if you are training course DP4:

  • You will become a DP4 processor,
  • You will learn how to solve your own problems quickly and easily,
  • You will receive a material (guidebook) how to properly perform the method after the course,
  • The ability to process yourself and others (friends, family ...),
  • The possibility of a complex Work on itself, both on solving problems and on creating desirable lines of personality and identity,
  • The possibility of the Professional Work.

There are no pre-requisites to teach DP4.

The course is very practical; the method can be learned in one day.

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Application for Individual Training   Application for Group Workshops

“Work on Self begins with the possibility for reaching an objective consciousness, and objective consciousness is described as a state in which we can know the truth” P.D.Uspenski