This is the penultimate system of Ž. M. Slavinski. In only 4–5 hours, you will enter, through a series of gradual, easy exercises into the Divine Emptiness, the Essence, or the Sunyata.

That is the dream of practitioner of the Zen who hopes for months and years to reach this. Through Sunyata, you will realize that you are the same as the rest of the huge universe. You will become ONE because you will assimilate Everything and Nothing into your unlimited self. This is an easy way to elevate consciousness and reach the Universal Conscious. This state is not permanent, but it shows what waits you on the path of awareness in not so far future.

Passage through Sunyata is valuable experience which leaves every practitioner in a deeply emotional state, but in a gentle and pleasant way. On the other hand, it strongly indicates that they are at the same time the EMPTINESS, which is the beginning of everything, and the FULFILLMENT or the FULLNESS of everything in the universe.

Sunyata shows the path of awareness and gives a practical experience as it actually looks. Any new Sunyata session works for practitioners differently, opening up new insights and a new understanding.

Sunyata is:

  • Unique
  • Fast and very efficient
  • Available for work only in the group

What do you get from Sunyata:

  • The infallible knowledge that our subjective universe is simply our creation, an obvious explanation of how we create and maintain our own problems
  • Overcoming and breaking the borders within the Self, which we have set ourselves
  • Formula of Sunyata for discreation of undesirable conditions that you will be able to practice on yourself and others
  • Entering the Universal Consciousness, touching the Emptiness and the Fulfilment as ONE whole, or touching the Sunyata.

There are no prerequisites for attending Sunyata exercises.

The Sunyata Seminar is a system of practical exercises that take time of one day.


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‘’Regardless of the path that a man follows in solving his problems, he must inevitably return to himself” G.Gurdjiev