This method for removing trauma was created by Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski.

Trauma is an unpleasant or painful experience that has harmful effects on the human. The most severe partition of the trauma is physically and psychologically-emotional. Physical trauma (injury) is often tracked by a psychological trauma.

Psychological trauma is an emotional or psychologically painful experience caused by usually extreme events or those which threaten the integrity and life of a person. Any situation that causes a person to feel overwhelmed and helpless can be traumatic, whether on that occasion there is a physical injury or not. Whether if for some person the event is traumatic or does not depend on external factors, it is a subjectively emotional experience of this event. The main characteristics of the psychological trauma are:

1. It happens unexpectedly, so that person is not prepared for it, and acts as a shock.

2.The person feels helpless to prevent such an experience. The trauma is overwhelming a person causing it to be defeated.

Trauma can happen in any period of life. If it happens earlier it effects person more intensively.

The Finger method within a few minutes removes the most traumatic trauma in a very simple and safe way. Every trauma has a ,,psychological time and place" in human consciousness, and precisely by removing it from the "psychological time and space" it  DISAPPEARS FOREVER.

The Finger Method for removing trauma is:

  • Extremely fast
  • Very efficient and safe
  • It is applicable to yourself and others
  • Very easy to learn and practice


With the Finger Method we can:

  • Resolve any psychological and emotional trauma in the time measured by minutes
  • Get rid of the trauma or traumatic events and negative energy charges remained since childhood or another period of life
  • The Finger Method has wider application from Work on eliminating traumas

What do you get if you follow a course of Finger Method?

  • You become the Finger Method processor
  • The ability to rescue all your traumatic events from the past
  • You will be able to perform the method on yourself and others
  • You will receive a material (guidebook) for the proper use of this method
  • Possibility for the cheese to apply this incredible method
  • Possibility for Professional Work

There are no prerequisites for learning the Finger Method.

The course is very practical; the system can be learned in one day.

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