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12.09.2020 ONLINE.

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About Courses and Workshops

The PEAT courses and workshops are very practical. They are made of 10% of theoretical and 90% practical work. They can last from one to five days depending on the scope of the program. For some methods it takes two days, for others only one, while there are also fast, simple methods that can be learned within a few hours. The course brings multiple benefits to the participants.

While the participants are practicing the method, they actually solve their stubborn problems for which problems resolved. Participants receive a Material how to properly perform a particular method or technique during/after the course. The real value of the methods is reflected in the Work after a course when all participants will be able to work on themselves (self-processing), as well as on the others on solving the trauma, problems and shortcomings, Work on complex integration of one's own personality, Work on family and partnership relations, Work on addictions, Work on achieving goals and creating desirable personality traits and further Therapeutic Work with people, depends of program...

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    “Work on Self begins with the possibility of reaching objective consciousness, and objective consciousness is described as a state in which we can know the Truth” P.D.Uspenski