Transcedent is a system created by Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski. It is a system composed of a number of techniques and its goal is, like in other PEAT methods, return to the essential Unity, as opposed to the separation and fragmentation of the human Being. It represents a combination of methods with which we can work in two directions. The first direction is the discretion of unfavourable states (problems) and experiences, while the other creates the desired lines of personality, identity, and achievement of desired GOALS. In Transcendent, we use symbols as extremely powerful psychological machines that transform our experiences very quickly and efficiently. Practitioner of Transcendent is surprised by its speed and simplicity. Power of a certain process is not in his width, but in the depth, which allows it to reach the deepest root and the essence in the shortest time, for any undesired state or desired goal, and in that way achieve the best possible result.

Transcedent is:

  • Simple and very efficient
  • Safe and predictable
  • Easy to learn and use
  • A system which can be practiced on itself and others
  • Possibility for processing and training online, individually or in group (Skype).

With Transcedent:

  • We remove problems and barriers
  • We create desirable realities and work on achieving goals
  • We use symbols as psychological machines for changing human experiences
  • Lets you empty the negative energy charge


What do you get if you go through the Transcedent course?

  • You become a Transcendent System processor
  • You will learn how to act with a set of methods with which you can work both on the discretion of undesirable states and on creating desirable realities and achieving goals
  • You will receive a material (guidebook) how to properly use Transcendent methods
  • The possibility of complex Work on oneself and others,
  • Possibility of Professional Work

There are no prerequisites for learning the Transcendent system

The course is very practical; the system can be learned in two days.

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Application for Individual Training   Application for Group Workshops

“Simplicity is closest to the truth” Z.M.Slavinski